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Oct 20, 2002
Plano, TX
There is no way that two non dominant pitchers can stand up. They have nobody behind the two that have had any reliable performance this years. It appears the plan has been to redshirt everybody else that hasn't redshirted already. They're saying that it's the same injury that Jenny Finch dealt with in the season where she went 32-0, but there will be accompanying pain.

There is a chance they could survive this weekend without her. It would be so much better if a third pitcher could step up. Prairie View is horrible. We might score 20 on them. But we just need somebody to throw decent strikes. Macy McAdoo ought to be able beat Prairie View. But she hasn't been able to throw strikes all season. The last few outings, she was so bad, that Patty wouldn't let he throw even in blowouts, fearing that she'd embarrass the program and blow it. She had multiple outings where she couldn't put one out of three pitches in the strike zone. When you have the defense we have, there's just no excuse for that.

But even this weekend, if we only have two pitchers, then this great team could go down. It would be a shame.


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Aug 16, 2009
If Bahl is out can the other two pitchers carry the load? There is another stud freshman on the roster Emmy Guthrie. I am sure she redshirted, hate to burn a redshirt this late in the year.
Interesting question for sure. I think they can as long as the offensive production averages 5 or more runs. I admit when May is on the mound I dont see OU in the same light. We will see though as she may have the series of a lifetime and I hope she does.
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May 29, 2001
The offense is what has me scratching my head. I know we have faced everyone's Ace this year but our run production lately has been way down. We need to get back to bashing the ball and being aggressive, even small ball if we have to. I just don't feel good about another trip to Okc without Jordy. If she can manage the pain then ok it's possible, but without her, I just don't feel it. Trautwine is just not an every day pitcher and May is struggling at best. I hope I'm wrong.