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  1. pssooner

    OT: MLB

    this is the “new normal “ you haven’t heard!! That’s what they want us to believe!!!! Get used to the mask and people living off the least until the election!
  2. pssooner


    easy! They take the top 2 teams from the $ec west and the top 2 teams from the $ec east and there you you have it!!!!! :) Playoff!!!
  3. pssooner

    Opening game moved to August 29

    Medic, why you gotta be so negative man???? :)
  4. pssooner

    OT: MLB

    Players nowadays don’t know what that even means, it’s swing for the fences every at bat! Nothing else.
  5. pssooner

    Would it not be enough for the Washington Redskins to merely change the team name to the Arrows

    Just saw on the crawl on espin, Wisconsin is changing the W from white to black on their jerseys!!!!!! Are you Fu$&ing kidding me?
  6. pssooner

    Charlie Daniels dead at 83

    My favorite CDB song was Uneasy Rider, loved that that song in high school in Bixby at the lake just having another “toke”........
  7. pssooner

    Caleb Williams to announce

    Like him already, on the cbs sports interview the last thing they asked was do you have anything to say to OU fans, He threw up the horns down!!! Mic drop!!!!
  8. pssooner

    Whatever happened with the David Boren gay sex scandal?

    with nobody I’ve ever see post here? It’s awesome!
  9. pssooner

    Teddy Roosevelt statue to be removed from NYC's Museum....

    so have you seen that some columnist is calling for the Rangers to change their name got it! The law enforcement angle!!!!!!!!!!
  10. pssooner

    R.I.P., Sybarite...

    Don’t understand why they don’t have a dislike Button on these boards! RIP Sybarite!
  11. pssooner


    Was there really looting at the fashion mall today? I’ve done a lot of work in that mall with the Abercrombie and Fitch stores! Probably the most unlikely place for looting in AZ.
  12. pssooner

    CeeDee Lamb is a Cowboy !

    man that sucks me being a Redskin fan!
  13. pssooner

    How is everybody holding up?

    i hear you sockless I’m in Palm Springs and we’ve been way below normal on temperatures and way above the rain all winter! Hell I think we’re having a spring? Desert is supposed to be summer and winter..... nothing more!
  14. pssooner

    How is everybody holding up?

    at least your lucky enough to get toplay a round, hell I live on the third hole at Indian canyon north in Palm Springs and they have been shut down for about a month already, and they postponed the first woman’s major of the year at Mission Hills until Sept. that is going to be scorching hot!
  15. pssooner

    How is everybody holding up?

    my son in law got all his gigs canceled in the Coachella valley so he’s doing FB live, give him a listen. MichaelKeeth
  16. pssooner

    Message from Lincoln Riley

    trust me,the humor was not missed!
  17. pssooner

    Message from Lincoln Riley

    Huh... what’s going on? What is covid19?
  18. pssooner

    Landry Jones featured on ESPN

    heard he had a knee injury!
  19. pssooner

    Conference Standings for the past decade.

    i don’t think both have been in the 12 for a decade? Yep that’s what the small print at the bottom left corner says!