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    Longhorns lose a safety in the 3rd quarter for a strange reason

    Rumor has it he saw first half highlights of Rattler and tossed in the towel.
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    KSU and ISU not

    not sure how that happened...influence of new OC. It's gonna be a war in Dallas.
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    KSU and ISU not

    The real story is out of Austin. This is by far Herman's best team. They looked very good on both sides of the ball. You can see the influe
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    Game 1 Depth Chart

    Some interesting measurements: receivers...6'3", 6'3", 6'1" and 6'6". O-line all 6'5" or more. LB's are getting bigger.
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    Jaylon Redmon opting out

    I think his concern is more about his propensity for clotting and the effect the virus might have on it.
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    Tom Seaver dead at 75

    In the summer of 1969 I was attending a business meeting in Chicago. The meeting ended earlier than expected so an associate and I hopped a cab for Wrigley Field ( day games only back then ). When we got to the ballpark the game was sold out so we began looking for a bar where we could watch the...
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    OT: Losing my patience

    I definitely did not vote for carter. That '68 election was unique in that Wallace won about 13.5% of the vote. Nixon barely beat Humphrey. I think Wallace won 11 states.
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    OT: Losing my patience

    The reality is you missed the point of my comment. I was referencing '68 as at least as bad if not worse year in terms of unrest. And that doesnt even count 2 assasinations. I voted for Nixon twice but looking back on it, that was probably a mistake.
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    OT: Losing my patience

    Anyone who remembers 1968 as a year of peaceful protests must be suffering from memory loss due to dementia.
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    I was extremely harsh on NU when they left. In my opinion the turned tail and ran from Texas rather than stand and compete. I understood CU because they were not really a cultural fit in the Big 12. A&M is a no-brainer and we will pay the price for their SEC membership. Its killing Texas. Mizzou...
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    Big recruiting "summit" this weekend at OU

    If Switzer was still HC we'd have picked them all up at the airport in a Prevost coach and taken them to a casino. We are way too smart now to touch this thing.
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    Kennedy Brooks opts out

    There are past situations that lead me to believe we will be fine. Didnt demetri flowers light up ISU? Who had ever heard of Dominic Whaley or Damian Williams?
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    Kennedy Brooks opts out

    Mesquite Poteet is a 5A school in Texas. He has played against top flight competition. Yes, we have had several outstanding players from small towns. Sims/Hooks, Overstreet/Big Sandy, and King/Clarendon were in the same backfield.
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    Rodney Anderson

    Waived by Bengals...failed the physical.
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    As I said in another thread, we turned our 4 season tickets back in and donated the value to the athletic dept. relief fund.There is no way Id go to a game under current conditions.
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    Big 10 & Big 12 Super Con

    Alabama site reporting that OU and UT going to the SEC for 2020 season.
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    Kendal Daniels

    "He plays for Beggs for Christs sake." I remember a time when we were led by great players from small town: Kenny King, David Overstreet, Billy Sims, Rod Shoate, Steve Davis, Carl McAdams, Teddy Lehman...and on and on. I think OU's decision was based on the fit and whether he was a safety or an lb.
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    Caleb Kelly

    JUCO Safety may be out for year too.
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    Kendal Daniels

    In the final analysis, I doubt that the staff gives a rats ass whether a recruit is from Oklahoma, Texas, or Timbuktu. They want the best player for the scheme and culture.