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    Big 10 back in business 10/24
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    Big 10 back in business 10/24

    Plus Wisky in game 2 & Penn State in game 4. Yeah, I’m sure there was no message behind that slate. /s
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    Camar Wheaton Article

    It’s due in very large part to 2 things, imo, those being that Riley is from the air raid tree, so most talking heads run with that narrative, & B ) the insane efficiency of our recent QB’s. The reason that I say this is that I did the homework a few months ago & found that the only team in the...
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    MO State game....PPV ?

    I’ve done the same thing every year of the PPV era, but I got burned last year as there was no replay of the South Dakota game up here for the first time (I’m on Cox & have the Fox College Sports package, fwiw.) Every other game last year had multiple replays, be it on Fox or ESPN, but not that one.
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    Sermon 2nd Thoughts

    OU is always going to have capable runners with Riley around. IMO, the biggest need that they’ll need to have down is protecting a freshman QB when the opposition decides they’re going to try to light him up.
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    Big 10 & Big 12 Super Con

    PAC 12 not only followed suit, they also canceled all hoop OOC games until at least January.
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    Big 10 & Big 12 Super Con

    B10 is pulling the plug:
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    They’ve got until ‘24 to work something out. If they can’t by then, then I’d agree with canceling it.
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    OT: MLB

    He’s out for 2 weeks for sure & then they’re going to re-evaluate the situation, so either one of y’all may be right. I’m no Astro fan whatsoever, but I do hope he can come back; he’s fun to watch when he gets it rolling.
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    Legendary Auburn Coach Pat Dye Passes Away

    Didn’t want to start a new thread for it, but Johnny Majors has passed as well:
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    Joe Burrows arm strength
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    Joe Burrows arm strength

    Andy’s a Cowboy:
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    Caleb Williams

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    Joe Burrows arm strength

    It’s Burrow all the way now. The skill guys around him are quite good (assuming AJ & Ross being healthy, which is a none too small assumption considering the past couple of years). It quite frankly comes down to the line, which for the past 2 seasons has been the worst in my almost 40 years of...
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    Joe Burrows arm strength

    Lincoln as in Nebraska. It was where he originally wanted to go but they didn’t offer.
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    Interesting 1st round stats in the NFL draft

    I kind of have a bit of a ‘tweener around here; she can’t wait to head down to Norman for a game, but to watch one on TV? Ain’t happening.
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    Jadon Haselwood

    If you’re referring to Bridges’ suspension, he’s out for the first 5, unless the NCAA decides to cut him a break (insert any number of laughing gifs here).
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    Gallimore Booking It

    Murray went 4.52 on his 1st run; pulled a hammy on his 2nd.