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  1. frou


    Pretty sure I saw someone on the field the other night with the number 0. Which is a thing now in college fb.
  2. frou

    CoVid groundings

    What happened? We all heard how great our numbers were all summer long,,,,people even saying we were the most disciplined team in the country because our numbers were so low. I'm assuming that students entering the campus is the blame? Whatever it is we really fell on it lately.
  3. frou

    MO State game....PPV ?

    Oh yeah,,,I'm in!!!
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    Nice picture of some of OU's elite attending John Blake's funeral. J.C. Watts, Barry Switzer, A.D. Joe Castiglione, Spencer Tillman, teammate and Attorney Don Smitherman & the one and only, CFB Hall-of-Famer ,Keith Jackson
  5. frou

    Opening game moved to August 29

    When everyone in the world wonders if college football will be played at all,,,,,Oklahoma moves it up a week earlier!! Hell yeah.
  6. frou

    OT: MLB

    They're seriously going to start a man on 2nd base in the event of extra innings? That's grade school stuff.
  7. frou

    OU-Army on 9/26 has a chance of being played...

    The key is not to let any covid carriers on the field or in the stadium. That is gonna be one very large task though.
  8. frou

    14 it is OU

    14 tested positive for the corona. That's what, about low middle for teams that have reported their numbers? Still hoping with fingers crossed that we have a good, uninterrupted season and we all get through it.
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    My first post...

    Hey Kip,,,,,she's only 17,,,so be careful!!...:)
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    My first post...

    Welcome newnasty!! Enjoy the crowd, they are good ones!!
  11. frou

    R.I.P., Sybarite...

    Syb and I were on a couple private boards together over the years. Very sorry to hear about this. Good guy and great Sooner.
  12. frou

    OU opening athletic facilities on July 1st...

    I think Riley knows what shape his kids are in. Also just wondering if it was coincidence that OU recieved a few hi profile commits the day it was determined kids won't be back till July 1. Something tells me those kids mom's like Riley's concern for their boys. Just a thought,,,. Plus Riley...
  13. frou

    Ceedee Lamb to wear for Dallas jersey #88 also worn by Drew Pearson and Dez Bryant

    I read where Lamb did not want 88, but Jerry talked him into it.
  14. frou

    One of the Paris girls returns to OU as an assistant coach for Sheri Coale

    Will she be enough to save SC's job? Or is she being groomed to be the next head coach?
  15. frou

    Mike Defee leaves College Football

    Mike Defee says goodbye to college football College football will have a little less beef next season. Mike Defee, the Big 12 referee jokingly known as “Beef Ref” among fans due to his muscular frame, has retired from on-field officiating to take a job with the NFL to train officials. College...
  16. frou

    April 19th a day I will never forget. On April 19th 1995 my office was in Leadership Square

    Was working in Norman at the time. Turned on WWLS and Tony Sellars was describing what he just saw and heard. One of he ladies I worked with had a husband just across the street. It was the longest 2 hours spent until he called to say he was ok. That was epic crazy and a very sad time for us all.
  17. frou

    How is everybody holding up?

    We've had two shows cancelled and it looks for sure like two more here in the next 4-5 weeks. Mom and dad are mid 80's and highly susceptible to the virus so we have also cancelled two birthday dinners so far. Not catastrophic cancellations but one's that would have been a lot of fun. Stay safe...
  18. frou

    How is everybody holding up?

    This is a crazy time in our lives. It feels like our world is changing and we will never see it the way it used to be again. I hope everyone is doing ok. Hoping we get a hold of this before college football. Something tells me we won't but,,,I'm trying to be opti instead of pessi. Rock On my...
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    Sermon early in his time here, was a finisher in games. Rarely fumbled and was a beast to take down. Late last year he was forgotten or injured one and just didn't see the field. Good luck to him.
  20. frou

    The two new coaches...

    I hope you are right WhyNotaSooner. I just haven't seen Murray do anything yet, nor any of his coached kids. The kids today sure will connect with him, or should. I'm excited he is here.