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    Big 12 sucks...that is all.

    Once Sanders, the starting QB went out early, Okie St suffered with their backup Bullock. It wasn't until the 4th Qtr that they put in the 3rd string QB who then lit it up and which opened up the running game. I wouldn't sit on Okie St. as Tulsa is a better team than last year.
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    Marcus Major

    Not impressed with this RB. He had some opportunity last year and this year listed as starter. To date he has failed to live up to expectations. 2019 10 carries and 28 yards. 2020 11 carries and 31 yards. Our rushing was not up expectations against Missouri State considering our experienced...
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    Surprise Move...AD Released by Washington...

    I grew in the DC area and have been a Washington REDSKINS fan my entire life. But over the last ten years that franchise has gone downhill. Now the Washington FOOTBALL CLUB releases their best running and an OU Sooner I'm even more perturbed. I'm done with the NFL.
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    OT: MLB

    Screw MLB/BLM.
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    UGa band discontinues "Tara's theme"........

    This is like book burning. "Gone with the Wind" was a great movie but it will be culled and never seen again. "Tom Sawyer" a great book will be pulled from the shelves of libraries. You can go on and on. The height of being ridiculous. History will repeat itself. One liberal recently wrote that...
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    How long until the "Sooner" nickname is gone?

    "Sanitizing our history." Nancy Pelosi is sanitizing by taking down portraits of confederates who were Speaker of House. Purely agenda driven. But will she still honor those Democrats who belonged to the KKK.
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    Grant Miniseries on The History Channel

    My Dad took our family to Gettysburg in the 60's. We were living in Arlington, Va at the time. Probably a two hr drive in those days and with 4 kids a headache for the parents. I was just a teenager at the time and really didn't appreciate what I was viewing. They have canceled the 2020...
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    Sooner RB backfield in Cincy

    I'm a Redskins fan so watched to see how Samje was doing. I thought he was misused and his run blocking was poor. Hope Cincy provides him with a good opportunity. But also hope that Anderson can stay healthy. IMO, he was probably the best back we've had since Peterson and Murray. Without his...
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    Heading into Saturday, Joe Lunardi has OU in the NCAA bracket

    OU pulls it out 78-76. Reaves with a two pointer with .5 seconds on the clock. Reaves 41 points tonight. Manek with two late 3's helped in the comeback. Down 13 with 5 minutes to go. After the crushing last second loss to Texas last week, OU with a little grit tonight. OU ends up as the #3 seed...
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    aOm vs. aTm

    I knew Gundy would go for the field goal. He has no guts to go for the throat. You get a first down there and score, game over. I've seen Gundy do this time after time. He's not a man...
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    This is the record of each conference's OOC for 2019. Big 10 34-8 0.738899 Big 12 24-6 0.680477 American 33-14 0.628983 SEC 42-14 0.625394 Pac-12 24-12 0.599574 MWC 31-18 0.546804 ACC 35-19 0.533343 S Belt 22-18 0.466966 Ind FBS 26-34 0.413198 CUSA 24-32 0.368722 MAC 18-30 0.335920 FCS 3-111...
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    Oklahoma student gov ditches Boomer and Sooner for more sensitive words

    Why would that offend Native Americans when Sooners were mainly white. If anything it would offend all the nationalities who were classified as Sooners. As someone mentioned earlier in this post those individuals looking to remove Boomer Sooner are idiots of the highest order.
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    Ehlinger compliments OU

    We essentially dominated Texas more so than LSU did. The two turnovers cost us heavily. Urban Meyer said the score should have been 28-0 at the half. I agree with him on this. Jalen's turnovers kept Texas in the hunt. No turnovers and its game over at the half. I rarely listen to the analysts on...
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    Too “cute” on offense

    Jalen, while a good overall QB, cannot sling the ball like Baker or Kyler. They both threw quickly and on point. Jalen seems to think a second too long before lettng it go. The little out patterns in the backfield are thrown to soft. Baker and Kyler pivoted and got rid of it quickly. Jalen not...
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    Through the first 25% of the season...

    One statistic that was mentioned during the game was that OU defended against 1,046 plays last year ranking it #4. It wasn't that the defense was totally bad but that the OU offense scored so quickly that the defense had to be on the field more. Unless there is decent depth rotations become...
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    Positive write-up about Big12
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    Shocking FINAL..... Huge underdog Kansas beats undefeated Boston College on the road 48-24

    Through Friday's games W/L records. No filtering. Big10: 23-4 or 85.3% Big12: 16-3 or 84.2% Pac12: 17-8 or 68.0% SEC: 19-9 or 67.9% ACC: 20-11 or 64.5% There are cupcakes throughout each conference at this point.
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    Shocking FINAL..... Huge underdog Kansas beats undefeated Boston College on the road 48-24

    Rock Chalk Jayhawks. Happy for them. Have family in Kansas so they must be ecstatic. Interview with Les Miles was interesting. He seemed very calm. Maybe he has mellowed.
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    ** "Official" Game Thread **

    Lots of players played last night. Over eighty Sooners participated. Good experience for the young'ins. Penalties need to be corrected ASAP. Combination of these two kept us from shutting out South Dakota.