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    Big 10 back in business 10/24

    I despise the nets use of fake crowd noise as well; let the squeaks from the field come through !
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    Big 10 back in business 10/24

    Knowing the b1g, a 4-4 or 5-3 record will get 6 post season games or more
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    Big 12 sucks...that is all.

    We should look into the Sunbelt Conference IF the $ec is out of the question the next negotiation. The Cajuns and UCF are for real. edit: I checked and no, UCF is not in the Sunbelt. But there are a few teams in that group that would easily replace Kansas, ISU or TTech
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    Big 12 sucks...that is all.

    Too bad but they finally lead
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    Big 10 back in business 10/24

    How the heck can those turds expect to be in the mix if they only manage to play 8 games ?
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    KSU and ISU not

    The Cajuns are not bad and Arkie St is well coached it appears. I’m more disappointed with the Clones. This was gonna be their year to beat the Hawkeyes
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    CoVid groundings

    Yes students returning naturally caused “spikes”. Same thing going on in the major campuses here in Iowa. Three counties have to close bars at 10pm VS 2am as if that’s going to make any difference
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    So the Big XII wants “unity messages”?

    Tell us the legal rules of our designation ?
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    MO State game....PPV ?

    59, So good to see you. Does that site include archives and such to all things Sooner only or is there much more or ? Sounds like a good investment to me in these crazy times.
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    Jaylon Redmon opting out

    Dumb move when he could shine and improve his draft future
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    Surprise Move...AD Released by Washington...

    Maybe he gets enough yards to break the record and ease the jinx somewhat
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    Surprise Move...AD Released by Washington...

    Hopefully he gets another chance if that’s what he wants
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    OT: Losing my patience

    I remember it well. HH didn’t even get an honorable mention on the Worst candidate ever for POTUS list either sadly
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    Two weeks and....

    Maybe it’s just the fact that it is such a larger group of people that it takes more time to test & find and isolate the cases where the virus are currently ? Or they can’t come to terms over liability issues for the ‘big school’ games...
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    MO State game....PPV ?

    If $$$ is the aim, why would they choose that fluffy mess ?
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    OT: Losing my patience

    You know anything about Susan Rosenberg ?
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    As long as they beat Iowa more than 50% of the time I will cheer for that alone. (We have mighty fine sweet corn 🌽)
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    Good Video

    The XII deserved the driver’s slot
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    JC should earn his pay and work out a safe and massive deal and get Army back in Norman for our lone oc game somehow